7th Questions and Answers

JavaOne, Microservices, Scopes and JPA

#2 NetBeans Rocks: Maven, Ant, HTML 5 Support

Maven 3, Ant, HTML 5 are supported out-of-the-box. No plugins, no magic, no indirections.

WebSockets and JavaEE

Simplest Possible HTML 5 - Java EE 7 Communication with WebSockets

NetBeans Day at JavaOne 2014--Teaser

NetBeans and Maven

#6 Questions and Answers

New Pattern, Play, Broken EJB Proxies, Network Files, Huge Apps

Building Nanoservices with Java 8 + Java EE 7

However you are calling your services, with Java 8 and Java EE 7 you can delete even more code as it was the case with Java EE 6.

Opinionated JavaFX 8

MVP, DI, and Convention over Configuration

#1 netbeans rocks: setup

Zero-config installation


Microservices, State, REST, Learning Java and Questions Overflow

Igniting Java FX Applications

Start a Java FX application with Model View Presenter, Maven, Dependency Injection


Vanilla Java EE Apps, Communication Breakdown, BCE and JSF vs HTML 5

Visualizing Dependency Injection in Java EE 7 Projects

CDI, JPA, EJBs -- creating graphs from dependencies

3rd Airhacks QA

EJB Performance, Multi-module architectures, Java EE configuration, Naming, Patterns and Co.

A Little REST with JAX-RS 2.0 and Java EE 7

Enterprise Java projects tend to misuse JAX-RS for the implementation of RPC-style architectures

CompletableFuture and Java EE 7

Connecting Futures to asynchronous JAX-RS

2nd Airhacks Questions && Answers

2pc, how to structure UI and clustered timers

JavaEE 7 And Java 8 Method References

A little duck typing

How To Tackle JavaEE

Entity Control Boundary, or Sanity Driven Design

1st Airhacks Questions && Answers

JavaEE monsters, WSDL-like tools for REST and @Ignore in unit test

Java EE 7: JAX-RS 2.0 With Bean Validation

Built-in integration between JAX-RS and Bean Validation

GlassFish Management and Monitoring -- LondonGUG Meeting

GlassFish comes with a variety of interesting management and monitoring interfaces...

Unorthodox Enterprise Practices

Just a regular Warsaw JUG #WJUG session :-)

Streaming JSON with JAX-RS 2.0

StreamingOutput does the trick

EJBs as Executors

Implementing a decoration with EJBs for asynchronous code execution.

Hello JSR 236: Concurrency Utilities for Java EE 7

Thread pool injection and legacy code integration.


Architecting Enterprise JavaFX 8 Applications

"...MVP architecture heavily influenced by convention over configuration, inversion of control (Scene Builder)..."

Demystifying Java EE

"...Is a “Java EE” transaction a DB transaction? What happens behind dependency injection? How can deployment be implemented? What is the performance overhead behind EJB, CDI, JPA, and JSF? Why is it difficult to write your own ORM, and what are isolation levels? What happens in a cluster? ..."

Unit Tests Don’t Break: Stress-Testing Java EE Applications

"...A stress test not only increases the probability of finding concurrency bugs and potential bottlenecks but it also helps you understand the behavior of an application under heavy load..."

Lean and Opinionated Java EE 7 Applications

"...Java EE encourages a lean development approach without any ceremony..."

Reactive Programming With JavaFX

JavaFX makes calculations a bit more reactive...

Hello JAX-RS 2.0 and JSON

From zero to Maven 3, JAX-RS 2.0 and JSON three minutes.

Data Binding, Injection and FXML with JavaFX

...JavaFX comes with data binding out-of-the-box.

JavaOne San Franciso 2013: Architecting Enterprise JavaFX 8 Applications

...MVP, IoC, DI, Convention over Configuration and WYSIWYG ...with JavaFX

JavaOne San Franciso 2013: Demystifying Java EE ivory towers

Bureaucratic Design With Java EE

Highlight domain concepts and not obvious structure

JavaFX with CoC, DI, afterburner.fx and SceneBuilder

Building Enterprise JavaFX applications with Convention over Configuration, Dependency Injection, Maven and Scene Builder -- The Setup

Application Monitoring with LightFish and GlassFish v4

LightFish v1.3 comes additional management REST-API and allows you to monitor deployed EJBs without any additional plugins or instrumentations in real time.

The Cost Of An "Empty" Transaction

Just a Servlet with or without transactions. What is the actual overhead of a transaction and is it worth to optimize it?

JavaEE ...And The Bloat Is Gone at InfoShare in Gdansk (May)

Dependency Injection ...and there is no magic

Two classes, a custom annotation and a bit of reflection. It's just enough to demystify DI.

Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control and Convention over Configuration ...with JavaFX 8

This screencast is a walk-through an AirhHacks Control and a 2-class "framework" afterburner.fx which realizes the Convention over Configuration and Dependency Injection

The EJB Overhead...

Are EJBs too slow for the real world?


JDD Conferece: JavaEE--Future Is Now, But Is Not Evenly Distributed Yet

130 k HTTP Sessions, with -Xmx512m and Stock GlassFish

How many HTTP Sessions can a stock Java EE server handle? Probably more than you expect...

Interactive On Stage Hacking At Infoshare 2012

Real World Java EE Talk At Devoxx 2012

EJBs? Still Interesting In Java EE 7--5 Mins About Lifecycle

...The combination of EJB 3.2 and CDI managed Beans is still the leanest possible choice Java EE 7.

nighthacking: A conversation with Stephen Chin on Java FX, EE and lightfish

I planned to perform some stress testing, but discussed source and design instead. We also chatted about Java FX and a bit HTML 5.

Lightweight Java EE

"...The primary goal of this webcast is to provide developers and architects with an understanding how Java EE 6 inherently creates modern, lightweight architectures for enterprise Java..."

GeeCON 2012 - Adam Bien: Java EE--Or Who Cares About WebContainers?

Enterprise Java 2.0 TechTalk, 29.08.2012, GameDuell HQ, Berlin

Mocking Without Interfaces

Why Not Private (visibility of injected fields)

Great Simplification With EJB

Creating Java EE 6 Projects With Maven 3

Introducing LightFish--The OpenSource Monitoring Tool

5 Minutes With Java EE, Screencast

No Ivory Towers in Java EE 6, Rhein JUG Session [GERMAN], 20.03.2012


Clean Code and Java EE, Jax London

JBoss One Day Talk, Munich

Java EE 6: The Cool Parts, JavaOne 2011, San Francisco

Rethinking Best Practices with Java EE 6, JavaOne 2011, San Francisco

Interview @TheServerSide LasVegas


Creating Lightweight Applications With Nothing But Vanilla Java EE 6

Vernunft Driven Design [German]